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R. Glenn Kelly had an good life. "Good" would tragically come to an end, however, after his precious sixteen year old son and only child, Jonathan, unexpectedly passed away when a rare heart disease took his life. He had been a Marine, cop, businessman, and proud, loving father to Jonathan, but with all of that behind him, he was left immobilized by the most profound of questions; "Who am I now?" With an internal desire to understand himself, R. Glenn sought out publications on male grief, but found very little. When the need to understand did not fade, he turned to research and publications on male and female emotional behaviorism. Then, after coming to a point that he felt he was moving forward in a healthy way, R. Glenn would publish his first award winning book, "Sometimes I Cry in the Shower."

Today, R. Glenn is a highly sought and very dynamic public speaker, workshop presenter, and corporate trainer. He speaks at national and regional conferences, universities, businesses, churches, civic organizations and more. He has appeared on multiple television and radio programs, as well as organized webinars and other streaming media to discuss his area of expertise; male vs. female grief, the impacts of grief and bereavement on the workplace, and developing a healthy ego. R. Glenn has dedicated his life to the legacy left by his son, Jonathan, to serve others who seek understanding, healing, and personal growth.

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Articles and book excerpts from R. Glenn Kelly, and others within the grief support community on healing and moving forward after a loss at home, in relationships, and when returning to work after a loss

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Independent reviews of R. Glenn Kelly's award winning books:

~ Sometimes I Cry In The Shower
~ The Griefcase
~ Grief Healings 365

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Learn more about R. Glenn Kelly and his mission to bring hope and healing to men and women after the loss of a loved one. R. Glenn uses studies and observations of sex and gender to help others realize our differences do not need to slow the healing process for couples

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