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Grief & Bereavement Support R. Glenn Kelly

by R. Glenn Kelly | Grieving Father | Award Winning Author | Grief Support Authority

Sometimes I Cry In The Shower
A Grieving Father's Journey to Wholeness and Healing
Special Sale ~ $9.99 Paperback | $0.99 eBook

R. Glenn's personal story of the loss
of his only child, and his journey to
discovery of why men and women grieve
equally, but in such differing manners

The Griefcase
A Man's Guide to Healing and Moving Forward in Grief
Special Sale ~ $6.99 Paperback | $0.99 eBook

Every griever has been given a
GRIEFCASE, which can never be put
down...Learn to understand what's
inside yours and live again with purpose

Grief Healings 365
Daily Inspirations for Moving Forward to Your New Normal
Special Sale ~ $13.99 Paperback | $0.99 eBook

Daily quotes, poems, prayers, and
sayings about moving forward after
loss by famous and respected past
figures which give daily healing

Book Trailer – Sometimes I Cry In The Shower

Book Trailer – The Griefcase

Book Trailer – Grief Healings 365

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