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Reader Reviews of Sometimes I Cry In The Shower | The Griefcase | Grief Healings 365 | by Author R. Glenn Kelly

Lynda Cheldelin Fell President, National Grief & Hope Coalition

Sometimes I Cry In The Shower

“R. Glenn Kelly’s book treats the reader to a rare combination of candor and fragility from the male perspective. Delving into the deepest, darkest recesses of a heartbroken father’s mind, the reader easily identifies the richly colored threads of sorrow, heartbreak and profound love that, when combined, create a stunning read. This book deserves to be on the edge of nightstands everywhere.”

Reader's Favorite Review and Awards - 5 stars! Reviewed By Gracie Bradford for Readers' Favorite

Sometimes I Cry In The Shower: A Grieving Father's Journey to Wholeness and Healing

Sometimes I Cry In The Shower: A Grieving Father's Journey To Wholeness And Healing is written by R. Glenn Kelly. This is a true story of a father's unexpectedly loss of his 16-year-old son who was undergoing a routine medical procedure. It was not supposed to happen. The author narrates his journey through the five stages of the grieving process which he asserts are different for men than women. His mind became his playground of internalized feelings, thoughts, and unanswered questions. His faith was put to the supreme test, as well as his ability to understand and accept the return of the spirit after his son's crossover. The father struggled to find normalcy, eventually realizing it would not be easy to recover. The shower becomes his "fortress of solitude" where no one could see a "macho" man crying over his loss. This 151-page book is an excellent read for any male undergoing a similar loss.

The author did extensive research on how men grieved differently from women and formed many of his opinions and beliefs based upon his ordeal. The father's life changed from being a self-centered, not spiritual,strong marine to a man of humility. The story is well written and provides an insight into social issues surrounding healthcare in today's society. This father would never let go or accept that his son would not grow up healthy without the ache of pain and suffering. Ironically,the story has minimum mention of the role of the mother in the son's journey. One can admire the devotion of this father towards his son. One will probably understand the father's guilt after realizing his involvement in his son's life. And even more important, the reader will understand the intermingling of rage and guilt felt by this father.

Good job! Writing is a form of therapy.

Amazon Buyer "Really good daily read: By Sophie

Grief Healings 365

I found this book to be a gentle reminder that others have been through the hard road of grief and survived. They did better than survive; they made a difference in the course of history. The author uses historical figures, poets, philosophers, as well as spiritual writings to bring a piece of calm to a sea of grief. There were no earth shattering revelations, but there is a daily reminder that another real person experienced the pain I feel and moved forward in life. This is not a book that provides an instant band-aide fix; this is a book that will be by your side for the life long marathon of healing.

5.0 out of 5 stars Insightful - enlightening -- healing By Stellaon Format: Paperback

Sometimes I Cry In The Shower

I'm having difficulty finding the right words to tell you about my reaction to this beautiful book. It has been a very long time since I have read a book that brought me to tears because I could actually feel the pain of the author -- this book did. I felt like I was there with the author during Jonathan's birth, health journey, joyful life and ultimately his death. Mr. Kelly opened his heart to the reader (me) and I felt like I was actually there with him -- walking in his shoes -- throughout the book. The writing was so good that his emotions became mine. It would have been easy to write this book (in particular) with gratuitous emotionalism but he didn't -- his writing is straight forward, funny, honest and transparent. Every healthcare worker in America should read this book.

5 STARS - Excellent Read By Deb Mooreon Format: Paperback

Sometimes I Cry In The Shower

R. Glenn Kelly is an excellent author. In this book he shares the raw emotions of tragically losing his only son and best friend. Although he wrote this book as an outlet for his own grieving process as a father; it has excellent words of wisdom for anyone who has ever experienced the loss of a loved one. This book runs the whole gamut of emotions - sorrow, empathy, joy, love, pride, loneliness, regret... It will make you both laugh and cry over and over. It also makes you remember that every day with our loved ones should be cherished. We are never promised tomorrow. But hopefully, we have the strength in our Faith knowing that they are no longer suffering & that we will see them again some day in a better place.

Amber Leggette-Aldrich Author of Faith, Hope & Miracles:

Sometimes I Cry In The Shower

"Honest, raw emotions, the kind that seep out from the soul, combined with thoughtful insight and revelation into the grieving process. Encouraging and filled with hope, the beginning steps to healing."

5 Stars! Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Grief Healings 365

Grief Healings 365: Daily Inspirations For Moving Forward ToYour New Normal by R. Glenn Kelly is a collection of 365 quotes for each day ofthe year. Every quote motivates readers to begin their day with inspiration andlet that feeling linger within them till they go to bed. Grief and mourning arepart of everyone's life and the words of comfort in this book will inspirereaders and draw healing into their lives. The author's words will give readerspeace and comfort and will uplift them daily.

It's a book one can have in their personal collection as thewords are inspirational and insightful, and the author uses the words ofspiritual leaders, poets, and philosophers to motivate readers. The book can bekept on a bedside table to read every day, and the daily reminders will makeone look at life with a different perspective and attitude. Every page has aspace to jot down one's thoughts about the quotes or even write a summary. Thebook also gives gentle reminders to readers about how others have also traveledthe path of grief.

These little gems of wisdom will give awareness and comfortto all those experiencing grief, loss, and pain. The Biblical verses, proverbson grief, and renowned quotes from famous persons from all walks of life makethe collection powerful, and it connects well with readers. The book is simple,easy to follow, and touches readers in a good way, motivating them to recoverfrom losses in their lives. It's a good collection that will inspire andmotivate readers to accept their personal losses and tragedies and move forwardin their lives.

It's a good collection that will inspire and motivate thereaders to accept their personal losses and tragedies and move forward in theirlives.

Amazon Buyer "Extremely Well Done Work" By STS Paperback|Verified Purchase

Sometimes I Cry In The Shower

This is a road often traveled but rarely described from a man’s perspective.

Men are generally famous for one word responses like “fine”. Here, Kelly describes the thoughts that men think but usually do not articulate.

When everything has been stripped away, who are you? Kelly walks you through his journey with all of the highs and lows.

I’m not usually keen on self-published works but this is an extremely well done work.

So Worth the Read By Kindle Customer Format: Paperback

Sometimes I Cry In The Shower

This life story and the struggles that one father has endured allows the reader to see grief and know there is hope in moving forward. R.G. Kelly has shown us, through personal experience, that the loss of a child can feel like you have completely lost yourself. Yet R.G. Kelly has found a way to rediscover who he is as a person, and how to positively move forward with his grief and love of his son. I would recommend this to anyone who has experienced grief and needs to know how others cope. It makes you cry, laugh, and cry some more but in ways that a person who is grieving or has grieved needs to cry, laugh and cry some more!

Excellent Book!!! BySophie Format: Paperback

Sometimes I Cry In The Shower

R.Glenn Kelly has opened up his bruised and beaten heart for all of us to see. You will cry with him, laugh with him and hurt with him. One thing you will not do is forget him. His story of love, fear, loss, devastation and, finally, hope is one that will stick with you. Even though this book is from a father to other fathers, you will find pieces of his story to identify with whether you are male or female, have lost a child or a parent, a friend or family member, or are just helplessly watching a loved one suffer through a loss. This book gives hope through the pure vulnerability the author generously shares on every page. Personally, after the death of my mother, the stories the author shared on guilt and the millions of ‘what ifs’ were a huge blessing. To hear someone else say the things I was too ashamed to say helped me know I was not alone and maybe, just maybe, not justified in the guilt I was placing on myself. It allowed me to move forward. I highly recommend this book; at the end of each chapter you will look forward to the next. I will be giving this often to anyone who needs to know there is hope beyond the pain of loss

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