Ep.13 – Grief in The Workplace: Mitigating the Hidden Cost of Employee Bereavement – Employer Addition

How to recover your company's share of $100 Billion in lost revenue.

WATCH THIS EPISODE and find out how to identify and recover your profit and productivity on the job.

$100 BILLION DOLLAR Annual Loss to Revenue For Businesses in America!!!! Yes...$100 Billion each and every year straight from the bottom line of businesses and organizations due to "Grief in the Workplace."

From R. Glenn Kelly and the Bring Your Own Grief Network, this episode is for the leaders...owners execs, managers and supervisors. Identify and greatly reduce your part of this massive hit to your profits and productivity, while improving employee morale, welfare, and safety, as well as improving community branding for being a caring and compassionate place to work.

For even more in depth information on Grief in the Workplace, please go to: http://rglennkelly.com/grief-in-the-w... or contact R. Glenn Kelly by email at: rglennkelly@rglennkelly.com.

R. Glenn is not only a bereaved father, but formerly a highly successful business executive. Learn of the business coaching and corporate training needed to enhance your abilities to manage the bereaved employee on their return to work.

NOTE * While this episode is targeted at the employer, please know the BYOG Network and R. Glenn Kelly remain the staunchest defender and advocate of our fellow bereaved. Helping our employers understand our grief will benefit us in a place where many of us spend far more time than e can with other grief support. As always, Peace and Purpose,

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