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~ Male vs. Female Grief Support ~

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Understanding what happens

When Jack and Jill Collide?

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"R. Glenn is very knowledgeable about the grieving process and how to assist those on their grief journeys. He has an effervescent personality and easily engages his audience. His passion is evident as he conveys his heartfelt knowledge to his listeners. Mr. Kelly is an outgoing, friendly individual whom you will observe interacting with those in attendance at meals, between seminars and at the conference site. He has “stage presence,” which is vitally important as a speaker. ~ Kay Bevington | Founder & Editor Alive Alone, Inc.


Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Presenter

An engaging, dynamic and inspirational speaker, R. Glenn's high energy, personal experience, and expertise in the differing ways in which men and women process and express grief are the perfect way to bring healing and hope to those attending your support conferences, gatherings, bereavement seminars, or other healing events. He is an experienced Keynote Speaker and Workshop Presenter, mixing his own loss experience with knowledge and humor to inspire other grieving souls to move forward along the path of healing.

Whether emotionally dealing with the sad loss of a child, a spouse, a sibling, a parent, or a close friend, men and women will grieve in differing manners, which many times leads to confusion, anxiety, and sometime a strain on the relationship. Someone who has experienced profound loss must not only try to get a handle on their own swirling emotions, never felt at these deep levels before, but also those of a close member of the opposite sex.

R. Glenn lives the legacy of his late son, Jonathan Taylor Kelly, by sharing with others that awareness is the key. We are programmed through both Nature and Nurture to respond to traumatic events, and along with awareness can come understanding, which greatly eases the journey towards finding a life after loss filled with peace and purpose again.

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"Men are more internal with emotions, while women express them more externally...by design. And, it is always okay to be yourself."

"The fact that males and females are are not equal does not, in any way, mean one has an inequality to the other. There is the right to equal pay, the right to vote, and equality in every social issue. Men are certainly no better than women, or demand no higher level of respect. However, the truth is that males and females simply are not equal at a genetic level for good reason. The human race was created, and continues to survive as God’s children, or Darwin’s species, simply because males are physically, mentally, and yes, emotionally expressive in diverse manners than that of females." ...Excerpt from R. Glenn Kelly's published article "Grief Equality of the Sexes" January 15, 2017

"Let your spirit soar"

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"Thank you so much for sharing with our families this Saturday. Your presentation was awesome, as usual. Blessings as you continue to move forward in helping other bereaved families find peace in loss."
...Sarita Wilson-Guffin, Le BonHeur Children's Hospital


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R. Glenn has been "through the fire" of traumatic loss. His mission now is to inspire hope and healing through the experience and expertise gained after the passing of his son, Jonathan. He seeks to have others embrace the understanding of themselves and their partners in life, regardless of sex or gender. In every area of life, the belief that the griever can move forward by both confidently supporting and being supported by those close returns a feeling of peace and purpose in uncertain times. R. Glenn will inspire the bereaved to build trusting relationships at home, at work, or in social environments, through his motivational keynotes and presentations.

R. Glenn imparts experience and research to provide awareness of self and others, and how that can guide and influence the healing process after a profound loss. Understanding that men and women express emotions in differing and natural manners creates incredible respect for one another, as each go through so many negative and harmful emotions of their own. Take action at your next gathering by enlisting R. Glenn to inspire the bereaved to move forward with healthy peace and purpose.

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"When Jack and Jill Collide." 

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Male vs. Female Grief

~ When Jack and Jill Collide ~

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