How I got to Who I Am

Peace and Purpose by Serving Others

For over a decade before the loss of his teenage son and only child to a congenital heart defect, R. Glenn served as a business leader in the defense and security industry. During that time, he had personally written, submitted and conducted oral presentations for numerous multi-million dollar federal contract proposals, with the largest award at over $350 million.

After the passing of his child, Jonathan, R. Glenn sought out bereavement support materials, but found very little targeted towards men. Wanting to move forward in his grief, he decided to follow the traits of his profession, and would go back to the foundational question of why men process and express emotions so differently than women? He would feverishly pour through research and studies on sex and gender biased emotions, and slowly began to realize he was responding to his loss in a way that was typical for a man, and that meant he was okay.

As his research brought him into understanding, and he began to feel he was actually moving forward, R. Glenn came to the decision that if he could write thousands of pages of award winning contract proposals to make money for others, he could certainly write a book which could aid other men in understanding what they were experiencing after the loss of a loved one. His first book, "Sometimes I Cry in the Shower" was widely received across the bereavement support communities, and soon he found himself invited to speak at National Conferences, Television talk shows, radio interviews, corporate headquarters, college universities, hospitals, mega-churches, and so many more venues.

R. Glenn is the Author of the award winning bereavement support books:

Sometimes I Cry In The Shower

The Griefcase

Grief Healings 365

Support for Men and Women

Men and Women Will Grieve Differently

R. Glenn would quickly become a sought after authority on Male Grief, a taboo topic for so long, and even within the mental health professions. Very quickly he understood that women were highly interested in the subject, as they wanted to understand what their male partners were going through after a traumatic loss.

Along with his extensive studies of emotional expressions by BOTH the male and female, R. Glenn soon began focusing on supporting couples who had lost a child. By providing awareness in the influences of Nature and Nurture, as well as the physiological and biological differences in the male versus female brain, he allows each to see men and women were pre-wired to often subconsciously respond to traumatic events in dissimilar ways.

Today, R. Glenn proudly and compassionately serves grieving men and women at National Bereavement Support Conferences across the country as a Keynote Speaker, Workshop Presenter, and panel member. He has had returning engagements with the national and international non-profit support organizations, The Compassionate Friends, The Bereaved Parents of the USA, In Loving Memory, Inc., Alive Alone, Inc. and other regional gatherings. He has served twice as the Keynote speaker at the Headquarters for Delta Airlines in Atlanta, Georgia, before their internal peer-to-peer support group, Wrenched Hearts.

R. Glenn sits on the Parents Advisory Council Board at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, the most preeminent pediatric cardiology facility in the country, where he has participated as a speaker in the hospital's "Thread of Hope" conferences, attended by parents who had lost a child at the center. R. Glenn is a National Board of Directors member with the non-profit group, The Bereaved Parents of the USA, and a founding member of the non-profit support organization, The National Grief and Hope Coalition. He is also a past board member of the non-profit organization, Cry For Me, No More, Inc.

If you have a support group, whether a church, hospice organization, civic group or other, send R. Glenn an email, or call him to discuss what we can do together.

Support for Organizatons

$75 Billion Dollars in Lost Annual Revenue

Are you aware that business across the United States are losing $75 Billion dollars in annual revenue due to the impacts of grief in the workplace? This data was compiled during a commissioned study of thousands of bereaved individuals returning to work after a loss, as well as information provided from the U.S. Center for Disease Control.

As an example, look at one negative experience on the job from R. Glenn himself. "I was a Director in a large corporation at the time of my loss. My days before that were usually spent with my management team stopping by my office to tell me what they were doing on any particular day. It was nice that each would stop by in the morning to get my input or approval on their plans, and it helped that I did not have to chase each one down to get the pulse of the workday. After my loss, however, they were all too uncomfortable to come to my door unannounced any longer. No one knew what to say. It was obvious to me right away that a very simple, yet highly proficient part of my workday had just faded away after my loss."

Today, R. Glenn also has taken his experience as a business executive at the time of his loss, and is providing presentations, business coaching, and workshops on the impacts of grief in the workplace. In doing so, he helps other business leaders recognize a fresh, new approach at becoming a leading edge company. Currently, only a few organizations recognize the negative impacts of a grieving employee returning to work after the loss, where loss of productivity, safety, and therefore revenue is compromise.

Do you want to be a business who offers fresh, new concepts for attarcting and retaining the best employees? Let’s work together! Drop me an email to get started!

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