Achieving and Living Life with the Healthy Ego

The Gluten-Free Ego

R. Glenn's First Award Winning Book

"Frankly, we were all blown away by you. You are really good; very knowledgeable. Although I know you would have rather lived your whole life without gaining that knowledge, thank you for using your pain to help others." ...Marybeth Conley | Talkshow Host | CBS News

Motivational Keynote Speaker & Presenter

An engaging and dynamic motivational speaker, R. Glenn's high energy, personal growth-focused keynotes and presentations are a perfect way to kick-off or close your annual meetings, team building conferences, or as a stand alone presentation to motivate and promote emotional wellness.

Living with an unhealthy ego impacts us all on a personal and professional level. The key is learning that we will live with ego, but to do so with a healthy mindset is insightful to ourselves and for those around us!

R. Glenn lived for so long existing only on what he felt others thought of him. He had been a Marine, a cop, a federal agent, a business executive, and a father. He needed others to think of him as a good man. After the tragic loss of his only child, R. Glenn discovered "himself" for the first time in his life and now has the magnificent joy of peace, purpose and service to others, regardless of tragedies. He teaches others that to become aware of a healthy sense of self allows one to overcome fear, self-consciousness, adapt to change, build true relationships, and take action that leads to positive results in life, love, and in business.

R. Glenn on Trinity Broadcast Network

"The biggest phobia for a man is that someone will discover he is NOT everything that he puts himself out to be."

"Self-worth and self-esteem are postive and powerful in their own right, but can be easily blocked out and overshadowed by ego. Ego wants others to think of you in great ways, even if not true. Like lies we tell aloud if repeated enough, they eventually become false-truths in your subconscious. Also like lies told in life, each is usually followed by bigger and bigger lies until one day the truth becomes obvious, the whole thing falls apart and takes self-esteem with it." ...Excerpt from R. Glenn Kelly's "The Griefcase" - Chapter Three, The False-You in the Griefcase


"Let your spirit soar"

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"R. Glenn Kelly was the guest speaker at Delta Air Lines Wrenched Hearts Spring Fly In. He was not only our speaker but he felt like one of our members. Delta’s Wrenched Hearts will absolutely have Mr. Kelly back to speak." Tim Moye, Founder – Wrenched Hearts, Delta Airlines Headquarters, Atlanta, Georgia

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R. Glenn's mission is to promote motivation through personal growth to embrace the characteristics of self-worth, self-esteem, and a healthy ego. In every area of life, the healthy ego gives true self-confidence, stronger personal and work relationships, dedicated teamwork, courageous leadership, and unwavering trust in all areas of life. He will inspire any individual, leader, or employee to build trusting relationships at home, as well as with their employees, partners, customers and clients through his motivational keynotes.

R. Glenn imparts experience and studies to provide awareness of self-worth, self-esteem, and how they can guide and influence the powerful ego. Understanding the value of each not only creates incredible personal growth, but allows for living a life of peace and purpose, regardless of past tragedies, failures, or feelings of "Going nowhere in life." Take action for your business, community or organizational gathering by enlisting R. Glenn to motivate your people in the core values of existence.

"Let me make your next meeting, gathering, or conference
a unique and exciting experience with a Gluten-Free Ego." 

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Speak Proudly with a Gluten-Free Ego R. Glenn Kelly
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