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Marybeth Conley | Talkshow Host | Live at 9 Program | CBS News Channel 3 Memphis

"Frankly, we were all blown away by you. You are really good; very knowledgeable. Although I know you would have rather lived your whole life without gaining that knowledge, thank you for using your pain to help others."

Tim Moye | Founder – Wrenched Hearts | Delta Airlines Headquarters – Altanta, Georgia

"R. Glenn Kelly was the guest speaker at Delta Air Lines Wrenched Hearts Spring Fly In. Wrenched Hearts is Delta’s peer support group for parents who have lost children. Mr. Kelly brought an engaging and compassionate message on “how men grieve”. As a father who has lost a child himself, Mr. Kelly was not only our speaker but he felt like one of our members. He is able to discuss grief from a personal stand point and intersperse the discussion with humor to lighten the mood when needed. Delta’s Wrenched Hearts will absolutely have Mr. Kelly back to speak.'

Penny and Ray Young | Board Members – In Loving Memory

"It was a pleasure to meet you at the ILM (In Loving Memory) Conference. Thank you so much for participating in the Gender Issues workshop with us. You had great information and presented it clearly.

We especially were blessed by your enthusiasm throughout the conference and willingness to help wherever needed. Your outgoing personality brought hope to many."

Sarita Wilson-Guffin | Chaplin & Bereavement Support Coordinator | Le BonHeur Children's Hospital

"Thank you so much for sharing with our families this Saturday. Your presentation was awesome, as usual. Blessings as you continue to move forward in helping other bereaved families find peace in loss."

Kay Bevington | Founder & Editor Alive Alone, Inc.

"Ron Kelly (R. Glenn) is very knowledgeable about the grieving process and how to assist those on their grief journeys. He has an effervescent personality and easily engages his audience. Ron’s passion for his subject matter is evident as he conveys his heartfelt knowledge to his listeners. Mr. Kelly is an outgoing, friendly individual whom you will observe interacting with those in attendance at meals, between seminars and at the conference site. He has “stage presence”, which is vitally important as a speaker. I have worked personally with Ron at bereavement conferences and he is an asset to the bereavement community.

I would also recommend Ron’s books, “Sometimes Men Cry in the Shower” ad “The Griefcase.” These two books are comprehensive and are necessary additions to everyone’s personal library."

Deana Martin-Owens | Co-Founder and Vice President of Cry For Me, No More, Inc.

"R. Glenn Kelly is an amazing man with an amazing heart and he has brought so much in such a short time to our organization CFMNM and the grief community as a whole. On top of all he gives so freely to the bereaved, he has given me his friendship and support in my continued days on this roller coaster of grief. Ron is a beacon in the darkness who understands how important this light is to all of us that belong to “the club” that no one signed up for. It is through pioneers like our partner in the grief community R. Glen Kelly that this paradigm will begin to shift. I honor you Ron and all the Men out there for feeling their feelings."

Joan Louis | Conference Attendee | In Loving Memory Conference | Fair Oaks, VA, April 2016

"Ron (R, Glenn) is a great guy! Very strong, articulate, compassionate and understands...because he has been through it, around it and upside down it - As a female, it is difficult for me to grasp how the masculine mind thinks and deals with grief...losing your only child is not suppose to happen, I know, I lost my precious son Marco as well, but Ron hits it out of the ballpark with his insights as to this thing called grief and life, and how we can give permission to ourselves to still go on, and on occasion, stop to "feel" those emotions ebb and flow, as they come and go without notice, and still be okay with it, without compromise or apology. I have personally heard him speak, and he conveys a human side... humor, after all, we have to believe and have faith that also God can laugh. He was human too."

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